WINGS High School Internship at Eastern Christian School

It’s time to start seriously thinking about what comes next in your teen’s high school journey.

Your teen might know exactly what they want to do after high school, but they haven’t quite figured out the pathway. Maybe they’ve considered entering the workforce right away or thought about a 2-year or 4-year program.

It’s possible.

WINGS is a high school student internship program offered through Eastern Christian School where students can learn trades or experience careers firsthand while receiving high school credit toward graduation.

Are you searching for a right-fit high school internship that equips students for promising careers?

We offer this to students in Bergen County, Passaic County, and beyond! Please contact Suzanne Kraai, Director of Enrollment, at (973) 427-4013 or to learn about Eastern Christian School.

How Does It Work?

WINGS is more than just internship-level experience.

Range of Industry Fields

High school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders in fields they want to pursue. Fields include architecture, engineering, construction management, healthcare, law, information technology, flight school, education, auto dealership, Christian ministry, social work, marketing, and more.

Upper-Management Mentoring

In addition to exploring a valuable trade or skill, students can access upper-management mentoring. It’s a great opportunity for students to explore career potential with the ability to walk away if it isn’t for them. Students who find the field to be a good fit get the hands-on experience that prepares them for the workforce. Colleges and trade schools are also looking at transcripts that demonstrate student commitments to their intended career.

Comprehensive Experience

Juniors and seniors can benefit most from the program, and a driver’s license is especially helpful for commuting to and from our high school campus. Students are required to complete a total of 120-150 hours, which includes field experience and a journal to document their work. This is comparable to required seat-time in a traditional on-campus class.

Flexible Scheduling

The program generally lasts a semester, although the schedule can vary depending on the company partner. Students enjoy a high level of flexibility and customization with the WINGS program, and we work with each student to find an opportunity that best fits their school schedule, activities, and allows students to propose WINGS partners if and when there is a connection.

Current EC students: for more information about WINGS, or to start the WINGS application, visit us here.

Key Benefits

At EC, we want to empower students with a vision of godly leadership while equipping them with marketable skills. We partner with a strong community of business leaders who often share our values and community ethics.

In addition to learning about a specific industry, students develop a broad range of critical life skills, including problem-solving, managing a busy schedule, appropriate employer/employee communications, and workplace integrity. It’s an invaluable experience and can help bolster college portfolios and applications.

“I was already building my resume because I had already had [WINGS] internship experience. With the senator’s office, they said they don’t normally hire freshmen, but my experience was significant.”

  – Carrington Brooks, WINGS participant who later interned with the U.S. Senate

The WINGS program director communicates regularly with the supervisor in the field so that students have the guidance and support they need during the program. The director also meets with students to discuss good employment practices and model employer/employee conversations.

They’ll discuss goals, challenges, and growth opportunities to ensure high schoolers get the full internship experience. Networking opportunities abound in the WINGS program. We have many new business partners and are always pursuing partnerships with additional companies.

Whether you’re a student who is laser-focused on one particular career path or entertaining a few options and looking for additional guidance, WINGS could be the right fit for you!

Meet Alisa Engelhard, WINGS Program Director

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Business/Psychology, Special Education/Regular Education; Master of Arts in Communication Sciences, Special Education.

“Ten years ago, I was part of the original design of WINGS in my role as special education chair. Originally created to meet the needs of students going into the trades, WINGS has expanded into a robust program for all students no matter what their future pathway. Leading WINGS fulfills a passion I have had for a decade as it marries my former business experience with my love of education.”

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