我们每个校区的加速学习方式都不一样. We recognize the importance of challenging students 和 offering opportunities to grow beyond the typical classroom setting. To learn more about what our 加速学习 programs look like, please select a campus.



Eastern Christian 小学 addresses the learning 和 developmental differences of learners with gifts 和 talents by offering the 视野 program. The program’s goal is to provide high ability learners ongoing self-underst和ing, 认知和情感成长, 人才发展. 通过有意义和具有挑战性的学习活动, students will make important learning progress across dimensions of learning, 尤其是在有潜力的地方. 视野 is one outgrowth of the school’s mission to engage students’ minds 和 empower them to develop their gifts within the context of a Christian worldview. 

“地平线”项目的学生每周参加一次“退学”课程. 课程以社交和情感学习为特色, 蒸汽(科学, 技术, 工程, 艺术, 和数学), 以及个人调查和设计. 强调批判性思维的学习活动, 创造力, 和 problem solving foster the students’ competence at both the academic 和 personal levels. 

视野 also exists to enhance differentiation in math, both in 和 out of the regular classroom. 数学能力强的学生将被升高级, 每周抽离小组的补充指导, 家庭作业, 作为课堂练习. 因为他们坚持不懈地克服智力挑战, 学生将体验到学习的渴望和快乐.

地平线计划的资格因年级而异. 以下因素的不同组合是促成因素:

  • 老师的建议
  • 创造性和解决问题的筛选者
  • 学术过滤网
  • 数学分班评估
  • 地图上的分数
  • CogAT过滤网



视野 is Eastern Christian 中学’s extended learning program that strives to meet the learning needs of our students, 尤其是那些在学术上表现出实力的人. Our desire at ECMS is to inspire each student to flourish as they grow 和 learn.The 视野 program encourages students to integrate academics 和 biblical worldview to enhance their individual strengths 和 interests. 在节目的过程中, 这些学生进行实际应用, 识别和解决问题, 并使用探究来质疑思想和实践. 学生 are selected to participate in our 视野 program using st和ardized test scores 和 teacher recommendations. These selected students meet together weekly for collaboration in the context of their independent study projects. 除了, the 视野 teacher works to support teachers in planning differentiated assignments for use within core classes 和 to develop enrichment possibilities for all students. Our 视野 program seeks to help inspire our academically talented students 和 to differentiate classroom instruction so that all students have the opportunity for optimum academic growth 和 success.



Courses designated for dual credit allow a student to receive both high school credit toward a diploma 和 also college credit from a specified institution. Eastern Christian high school has dual credit courses which are offered in an online format 和 also dual credit courses which are offered in our classrooms in partnership with Seton Hall University in our 项目加速 program.Upon completion of a course, the student receives credits on a college transcript. These credits transfer to most colleges but their transferability is ultimately decided by the college which the student attends.



我们每个校区的学术支持看起来有点不同. The Educational Support Services program provides access to Christian education for many students whom we recognize as diverse learners. To learn more about what our 学术支持 programs look like, select a campus. 



The Educational Support Services (Owl’s Nest) program at the elementary school campus provides a Christ-centered education for students who learn differently or need extra academic reinforcement. 我们运用多种多样的感官, highly structured 和 sequenced programs to meet our students’ varied academic needs. 下面是我们使用的程序的部分列表:

  • 威尔逊基金会(基于Orton gillingham的方法)
  • 协作教室协作读写套件中心
  • 阅读所有
  • 基本写作技巧
  • 大思想数学
  • 接触数学

除了这些“参与思维”的项目,” the Owl’s Nest “nurtures the spirit” with a low student to teacher ratio (typically 5:1) that enables us to build relationships, encourage a positive self-esteem 和 reinforce the strengths our students already possess. As our students’ needs are met in the Owl’s Nest it is our goal to prepare them to meet their future academic challenges with confidence 和 ultimately to equip them with the faith 和 the tools they will need to help “transform the world” in which they live.


上小学 & 中学

我们相信所有的学生每天都能学习. 教育支援服务(T.E.S.S.) at the Wyckoff campus are designed to help meet the specific learning needs of students to maximize their academic, 通过以基督为中心的教育培养社交和情感潜能.  

目的是帮助学生了解他们学习效果最好的方法, 和 recognize their own strengths 和 weaknesses in order to help them develop independence in the general education classroom. Focusing on students who present a wide variety of learning needs, the Eastern Christian T.E.S.S. 教师与通识教育课堂教师密切合作, 父母, 和 Bergen County Special Services to ensure that comprehensive support for the student is achievable. 这些伙伴关系有助于提供不同的任务和指导, 住宿, support structures 和 tools to help all learners feel a sense of belonging, 他们在学校的自主性和能力. 

除了 to the in-class support of general education classroom learning objectives 和 activities, T.E.S.S. 程序提供有限的替换指令, 或者作为核心学术领域的一小群学生需要的基础. 补充课程包括但不限于威尔逊的课程 只是单词接触数学. 这些额外的工具有助于缩小学习差距.



我们渴望帮助学生在学术学科领域学习技能, 自我宣传有三种方式:

  1. The least restrictive environment is being enrolled in the resource room (offered on an alternating or daily basis.) This is a credit class that includes study skills 和 help with a student’s current academic schedule.
  2. 更大程度的服务是通过包含模型实现的. 通过EC员工或县服务作为班级支持提供支持. 具有区分专业知识的教师与高中教职员工一起工作. As we make the curriculum more accessible for students who learn differently, all students benefit. (通用设计)
  3. The highest level of intervention is a remediation class that parallels the grade level college prep curriculum.

虽然我们在所有学术领域都支持学生, 我们最常见的差异发生在英语中, 语言艺术, 和数学.