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新葡京app is seeking a full-time 音乐老师 for grades 4-12.  音乐 老师有责任和校长一起工作, support staff and teacher colleagues to assist in establishing and maintaining an effective learning climate in the school.


  • 遵循学校的书面课程.
  • 翻译 course goals into student friendly objectives for lessons suitable to the age level and developmental needs of students.
  • Plan learning experiences which encourage the natural curiosity of students and are relevant to their lives and experiences.
  • Plan lessons that connect Biblical principles to concepts about God’s world. 
  • Design and use differentiated instruction which appeals to multiple learning styles.
  • Select means of assessment that effectively measures students’ learning. 
  • Maintain a wholesome spiritual and emotional atmosphere conducive to the spiritual nurture and development of the students.  


  • 扮演老师的角色, 教练, or guide facilitating learning rather than being the source of all information.
  • Emphasize the development of critical thinking where meaning and understanding of concepts have priority over factual knowledge.
  • 创建一个保险箱, caring classroom environment of acceptance and respect which encourages growth and nurtures spirituality.


  • 建立爱与关怀的氛围.
  • Define responsible Christian behavior, including guidelines and consequences.


  • 定期沟通孩子的进步和需求.
  • 及时回应家长对信息的要求.


  • Annually meet with the Principal or Supervisor to create goals for a Professional Development Plan.
  • Be committed to keep current with new research in learning and best practices.
  • Attend faculty meetings, inservice meetings and other assigned committee meetings.


  • 有能力获得国家认证或ECSA委员会的认可
  • 至少拥有学士学位,教育专业优先
  • 有音乐教育或唱诗班经验


  • 接受ECSA的信仰声明
  • 基督教的有力、清晰的见证
  • 成熟、敬虔的灵


  • 一种符合圣经的生活方式
  • A spirit of dedication, commitment, flexibility, and responsiveness to the needs of others
  • 倾听和回应建议的能力
  • A strong philosophical commitment to Christian education and the mission of 新葡京app.
  • Subscription to the Reformed doctrines as outlined 和professed in the Heidelberg Catechism, 多特信条和比利时信条.






高级会计师负责协助首席财务官, 与商务办公室的员工一起工作, 在学校财政资源的各个方面.


  • 保持准确的财务记录,包括但不限于:
    • Verify, allocate, post and reconcile accounts payable and receivable. 
    • Maintain general ledger, including preparing 和posting journal entry adjustments as needed.
    • 维护固定资产台账, process entries to record changes in fixed assets and calculate and record depreciation expense. 
    • Reconciling all Association bank statements to the General Ledger monthly.
    • Reviewing the General Ledger Trial Balance monthly and generating financial statements for the schools, 部门, 和董事会.
    • 准备月末和年终结账程序. 
    • 制作会计报告. 
    • 确保遵守GAAP原则. 
  • Work with the CFO and outside auditing firm to complete annual audit. 
  • 参与预算和预测流程.
  • 应付帐款、工资和应收帐款. 
  • 使用内部控制和最佳实践来保护资产.
  • Liaise with CFO and 业务办公室 staff to improve financial procedures and work on special projects.


  • 专业 
    • Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of accounting theory and best practices. 
    • 较强的计算机技能. 技术技能-精通PC和Mac. 精通谷歌文档和Gmail和邮件合并. Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).
    • 了解Blackbaud Financial和Quickbooks.
    • Possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field. 
    • CPA license 和prior experience in school administration is preferred, but not required.
    • Discretion and ability to maintain confidentiality of all information.
  • 精神上 
    • 接受ECSA的信仰声明 
    • 基督教的有力、清晰的见证 
    • 成熟、敬虔的灵
  • 就我个人而言 
    • 一种符合圣经的生活方式 
    • A spirit of dedication, commitment, flexibility, and responsiveness to the needs of others
    • 倾听和回应建议的能力
中学女子排球教练- 2024年秋季


Eastern Christian 高中 is seeking a 中学 Girls Volleyball 教练 for the Fall 2024 season.



Eastern Christian 高中 is seeking a Girls Varsity 足球 Head 教练 for the Fall 2024 season.



职位包括a.m. 和p.m. 日常路线,运动和替代司机.

有竞争力的时薪. (Can earn up to $20,000 a year working only 4 hours per day, 180 days per year!)
除了1美元,签约奖金, Eastern Christian will pay for and help all qualified candidates obtain a B class CDL with a P and S endorsement.
  • Must have or be willing to obtain B class CDL with a P and S endorsement.
  • 必须有更新的物理形态.
  • 必须更新指纹表.
  • 在录用前要接受背景调查.
  • 必须提供参考.
  • 必须是教会成员.

有兴趣人士请联络 careers@yabo9995.com 了解更多信息.



老鹰咖啡馆(自助餐厅), 位于北哈雷登的高中校园, 偶尔在厨房里需要别人帮忙.

这是五小时的轮班. 上午8时至下午1时,除非另有规定.

Requirements include personal mode of transportation for inter-campus lunch delivery.  Tasks include general kitchen prep and clean up at the direction of the supervisor on staff.





ditto Upscale Resale of NJ of seeking a part-time Donation Room Associate at it’s 北Haledon retail store.


  • 每周两天(两小时一班)
  • 每隔一个星期六(3小时一班)


ditto Upscale Resale of NJ of seeking a part-time Cashier at it’s 北Haledon retail store.


  • 每周两天(两小时一班)
  • 每周六(4/4).5小时一班)
寄宿家庭- 2024-2025学年

Eastern Christian is seeking Homestay Families for the 2024-2025 school year. 寄宿家庭有责任培养一种安全感, 培养, structured and comfortable home environment for 新葡京app’s international student(s). The Homestay Family should be able to develop a relationship with the student in the home; grounded in compassion, 相互尊重, 和一致性. 接待国际学生是真正的事工, 一个在家里分享基督爱的机会. When an international family decides to send their child to America, a large measure of trust is being given to 新葡京app and to the Homestay Family. The Homestay Family will ensure that each child will be safe and loved. Eastern Christian expects the Homestay Family to take a proactive and hands-on approach and are responsible for a multitude of tasks related to the students’ experience at their home and at 新葡京app.


请联系 Sandra De Marco, Host Family Coordinator, 了解更多信息.  973-727-5765 or sandrademarco@yabo9995.com.





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